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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Asha is cute

ashanap, originally uploaded by lwu81.

I love that Asha will come running up to me as soon as I wake up and come out of the bedroom (even if it's in the middle of the night!). It makes me feel so loved. And she'll cry a little bit if I don't pet her enough during these times. Yay I feel so needed!

Yesterday Fuson came over and we watched the Charmed premiere episode on TiVo. Asha was funny in that she kept eyeing fufu (I guess to see if he was an okay human...meaning safe to be around). But she played with him and let him pet her, so all seemed well in the Asha world.

She's made a cute habit of staking out the leftmost open window in the living room. She's very interested in the outside. Yesterday I showed her a squirrel outside, and she was super excited watching it jump around. Ervy says this is bad if we want to introduce her to skeeter (I plan to do this soon actually).


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