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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


today i was eating a bowl of cereal in the kitchen, and Asha started meowing at me. She then hopped up onto my lap and proceeded to lick lactaid from my bowl of frosted miniwheats. It was adorable, but i quickly plopped her back on the floor and gave her her own little bowl of whole milk (which I happened to have around for ice cream making purposes - which is a whole other sticky story to tell).

Even after the milk tho, asha kept meowing at me. Now having had Asha for all of 6 days now, I can tell you, she is a fairly non-talkative cat. Asha's constant meowing now was quite dismaying since I had absolutely no idea what she wanted. As I was cleaning her litterbox though, she kept jumping on me, on my back, on my legs. So after I was done I sat down and she immediately crawled into my lap, started purring and went to sleep. Cute as this was, I had to leave for work in 20 min, so I had to get some things cleaned up before I left. Of course, as soon as I stood up, the meowing restarted.

Finally, I opened up our bedroom door to get some socks, and Asha dashed in and scooted under the covers. Cute as this is, I will let her stay there today so she won't cry while I'm gone, but e isn't sure if his allergies to Asha are getting worse, so in the future, she won't be allowed in the bedroom.

In other Asha news, Asha now has her collar on. She was quite annoyed with it in the beginning, but she seems to have accepted it. Ervy feels bad for her though, because her tags reflect light onto the floor and sometimes she goes crazy chasing after these reflections.


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