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Monday, September 20, 2004

oh asha

ashaeat, originally uploaded by lwu81.

sorry the color is out of whack in this photo. I had the camera on the wrong lighting setting, and I didn't bother to fully color adjust.

my little kitty has developed an annoying habit of sitting outside the bedroom door meowing until we let her in. We don't let her in the bedroom when we're trying to sleep because she is simply too playful at night to let us rest. At 7AM today, Asha decided she wanted to be in the room with us and started meowing up a storm. Evan felt bad for her and let her in, but she started pouncing on us and running around the room, so we kicked her out of the room again.

Of course, Asha started meowing again, and pushing her paw underneath the bedroom door trying to get in. One of these arm attempts worked, and the door pushed open, allowing asha free reign of the room.

I did take off her collar to keep it from jingling around the room as I slept (or tried to). Around 8:45 am she quieted down, and crawled underneath the covers. (I found out when I stretched my legs down and accidently pushed her out of the bed and onto the floor *thump!*.

Now both ervy and I are exhausted. *sigh* silly asha


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