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Monday, March 01, 2004

made another new shirt!!

hehe, I'm wearing it today...

Why yes, those are stamps on my shoulder, chest and waist! Am I a fashion maven or what?!! hehe... what's that you say? I'm a fashion DIVA?? yes, yes, oh go on... lol... i'm in a fairly good mood can you tell?

anyways, this was an old free shirt i got from stanford's Bases group (some business entrepreneurial group). It was a v-neck. Obviously I chopped off the top shoulder and ran flowered ribbon around the new neck line. I chopped the remaining sleeve in half, and angled the bottom of the shirt. I made a bunch of slits up one of the sides and tied the pieces together. I plan to buy a zipper and run it up the other side and tighten the shirt up a bit. I also might stencil some stuff across the bottom.

Playing with this shirt was my reward for finishing my papers yesterday.

did i mention i love my sewing machine??


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