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Sunday, March 14, 2004

hee hee silly e!

awwww... poor e :) the two things he wanted me to keep sold! aww! hehe, but i bought some really great pink plaid for a new plaid skirt for me. I love pink right now, so this skirt is going to be a keeper!

i made a shirt similar to one that i saw in a magazine (it was $880.00!). Of course, I tweaked it and then stenciled on it, but i really like it...and it's pink of course!

I'm now wavering on the idea of selling more of the stuff I make, it's so hard to part with! lol! although, I like other people to enjoy things I make so it's a hard decision to sell things...

I've been working all day on my final for comm. i thought octapop was going to call me to go to cantor today to see the exhibit he wrote the placards for, but i never heard from him :(

Paulie was talking about how limml doesn't like to think of herself as girly... i think i used to have that sort of feeling when I was in engineering (weird huh?). I guess I always felt out of place enough that I tried to defeminize a bit in my CS classes.

Now, however, I love being girly! Especially now that it's warm. Skirts, ruffles, tanks/halters, pink stuff, heels, sandals, platforms, makeup - being girly is fun! I still wish I had more girl friends so that we could be girly together. Not that I dislike hanging with my guy friends, but I feel like I miss out on late night giggle sessions and fun makeup and clothes shopping (not that shopping with minger for those things isn't fun... just different and infrequent).

I made the purse for my grandma. Joann's had this great Chinese brocade fabric that I'm sure is way marked up from what I could get in Chinatown (but who knows when I'll be heading there again). I made her purse out of this GORGEOUS satin green brocade with gold dragons and pheonixes all over it. I have some left over from the purse making, and it's going to be made into an uber sexy skirt like this one but green (although, damn Gina, this purple skirt is HOT).

I leave for Paris next Saturday. Ugh, the plane departs at 8:45 am... still I can't wait to get away and sit in cafes eating really tasty baked goods. E's parents paid for us to fly out there (I thought I was going to be spending spring break fixing up the apartment and sewing since I have no money). His dad really really wants to see him/us I guess. Cool beans, I'm sure not complaining.

I'm trying to use an lj cut here to see if lj parses out the image on the lj feed. it should look normal to anyone just looking at the blogspot page...

yes yes, laugh at my amusingly serious expressions! I laugh at myself when I look at the photos, although recently, I just find smiling in these photo things really odd... gosh, i hope i don't become one of those people who NEVER smiles in photos... that seems so sad... i'll make an effor to smile more often now... i promise!

[edit] it worked yay... now ming doesn't have to be afraid to read my blog at work...


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