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Thursday, March 11, 2004

today i was stupid

i have to put together this poster board for my comm class. so i was trying to arrange the printed slides on the board, and i was going to staple it to the board. so i put the stapler against the board and paper and press.... oh my f*cking GOD! my fingers were behind the board. My right index and middle finger started bleeding from my puncture wounds pretty quickly. Boy did I feel like a dumbf*ck.

And the worst part is how much they hurt! all those damn nerve endings in your finger tips that are so helpful with perception are screaming at me right now. I had to run around the psych department looking for bandaids to keep from bleeding on everything. I felt like such a whiny person... i mean it was just a staple for crissakes!

now my touch pad mouse refuses to work with my bandaided fingers.


on the plus side of life, i'm wearing my new shirt i posted here recently. I've already had a couple people ask me what boutique I got it from. Rock on!

*nurses punctured fingers that are now purplish from lack of circulation due to tightly wrapped bandaids*


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