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Sunday, March 07, 2004

i'm feeling better

that evil person's account got suspended finally, probably due to the wonderful support i got from friends and the asam lj community.

Anyways, want to see some of the fun sewing projects I've been up to? well get ready cause here it ... comes....

e really really really wanted me to keep this one... as a compromise, I'm going to make a similar one in another color for myself. This one was completely handmade as opposed to reconstructed! I adore the bunny buttons. cute buttons have a way of just bowling me over :)

you saw this in a previous post, but I finally added a cute beaded fringe. it feels great and sounds awesome to walk around in this, but it's just a tad too small for me, so it's up on ebay! Honestly, I think it's such a hot vintage skirt, but if no one picks it up, i won't mind trying to readjust it to my size.

this one would have looked better if i had taken the pictures of someone wearing it. unfortunately, i can't put it on because it's a size 6. You might notice that it is reconstructed from the top of the librarian-esque skirt that i used for the pansy bag. This was fun because i got to add lots off detailing like beaded lace and rainbow lace and a big fuzzy heart! Also I corseted up the side slit I made with a pretty orange ribbon.

e loved this one as well, and also begged me to keep it... and if it doesn't sell then i guess I will :) that's the good thing about making clothes I like! Minger says this one looks the most professionally done out of the stuff I've made. Oh, btw, it's completely handmade. I love the way it came out. The skirt I'm wearing in the pic is also completely handmade by me (and has those adorable bunny buttons!!!). I'm keeping that because I find the length and flowy-ness just perfect for me!

I've also made a couple more skirts and I stenciled some more shirts, but I haven't taken pics of it yet..

My trip with minger to St Vincent de Paul was incredibly productive. I got:
- 3 more t-shirts to do surgeries with,
- and button up men's shirt to surgery,
- a cute pitcher that I'm using to hold my kitchen utensils,
- a scratched chitty chitty bang bang record to make into a bowl,
- one of those kitch apple pie plates I've been wanting (with a recipe at the bottom and a lid covered in ceramic apples. lol),
- and 3 striped ties to construct into bracelets and chokers.

I made johnny a scarylori shirt (black on red) for his birthday and sewed him a card with the extra plaid from the red skirt above (i was a doof and sewed it so it opened backwards, but oh well... it has character. someone else gave him a butt plug with a suction cup... i'm still kinda confused about the suction cup thing.

gotta wrap up and do work now. I spent last evening feeling sick from frustration and anger at that lj user, so more work must be done now.


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