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Monday, March 01, 2004

everyone should have a scarylori

What's that you say? What's a scarylori? Well it's only the newest in frightening fashion. Designed at the request of a tall skinny white boy, now all of you can own a scarylori of your own. She's fierce, she's frightening, some might call her ugly... she's scarylori! Take a look for yourself:

AND A CLOSE-UP (not for the faint of heart!)

Now, for those of you who say, "I've got to have a scarylori of my very own!" you are in luck! Getting your own scarylori is as easy as pie -- make that a hot cherry pie!

Just provide your own shirt (or pay the designer to buy one) + $2.00 for paint and work and VOILA! you can wear your scarylori with pride.


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