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Wednesday, March 17, 2004


i am retarded...

well not quite retarded... but i spent two freakin' days pouring over all the readings from this stupid course trying to find ALL of the stupid terms in separate readings... as it turns out I only have to find 7... it's impossible to do all the terms because they overlap within readings...

aaaaAAARRRGGHH! aggraMAvation!

I wasted so much time on that... it reminds me of third grade when the teacher gave us a fake test. at the top in the instructions it said, "this is a fake test, sit back and watch your classmates make fools of themselves" or something to that order. Only one person read the instructions. The rest of us were doing weird things like shouting "hey!" really loudly, or standing up and jumping up and down (items to do on the 'test'). It was supposed to teach us to read instructions... blah!!!

I read the instructions tho for this exam... i just forgot when i got all 'into' term defining and citations.... oooh! fuson!


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