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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

i hate the automated systems

they can't freakin' understand me... ok well one of em understands me... but i hate when they threaten to put me through to a live person...

btw, this is in reference to my final...

today i made a shirt that really jsut didn't want to get made

i sewed the sleeve inside out... my solution... cut it off

tried stenciling with prebought stencil letters... ran into smudges, excess ink of the sides ARRGGHH... turned a couple smudges into 'star shapes', made some of the smudged letters a little thicker to cover up some blotches...

the stencil went longer than i thought it would and the 'B' i stenciled went through a bit to the other side of the shirt becuase i didn't realize i'd run out of the space where i'd put paper between the shirt... ooh!

i got frustrated, so i left out a word to do later after the rest of the shirt dried. i came back to do the word, and the sponge brush i used wasn't dry yet from washing (i didn't realize this) so the fabric ink spread outside of the stencil area in grey watery patches... AAAGGGHHH! i tried to cover up this as best i could making thick letters again...

with all that... the shirt still came out... okay... i'll post later when its all dry. but it's a shirt for me to wear to paris when we go... e translated for me, it says, "Je suis américain, mais je n'ai pas voté pour Bush"

he wants me to stencil him one that says, "Désolé, mon président est un idiot, mais je n' ai pas voté pour lui."

le sigh. i thought this was going to be one of the easiest shirts ever... go figure.


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