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Thursday, March 04, 2004

oh god i'm so tired

went to bed last night, but i kept making clothes in my head. You know, I thought I was just dreaming about making clothes, but then I'd role over and sigh and realize I was awake/conscious. i don't know how much i slept because of this.

tomorrow will be better. i want to go check out the st vincent de paul store near me, i get $25 for 45 min of voice recording for some survey, i need to go to joann's to get stuff for my projects.

projects i'm gonna do soon:
- finish up some clothes, some corsets, some reconstructed and get them on auction

- my uncle just had a new baby boy. His name is Reiji. I want to make Reiji a new feece blanket with his name on it and a felt picture of the world stiched on... maybe it'll say something cute/cheesy like "so glad you came into this world" or something like that...
~sub presents: i want to get a pic of the new boy and make a stencil and stencil shirts for the whole family: mom, pops, and big sis!

- my grandma's birthday is next week. she's in hong kong right now, but I want to make her a pretty tote bag, maybe i'll stich a pretty hummingbird and flowers onto it. she adores hummingbirds! I have to make this and send it soon so it will get to her

- make the stencil and shirt that i wanted to make for myself and a friend i'm not naming cuz he reads this...

- make a cute large felt portrait of e, me, chewy, and skeeter like this one (by my favorite diy designer who's from san jose), to hang above our futon

oh the projects!
i'm having problems flipping through mags now. i see elements of a shirt, a dress, a neckline, and waistline, that i'd like to incorporate into my own clothes. I made a fantastic shirt last night. it's really gorgeous, it's done in a smooth red and black flowered lustrous fabric. I need to get some black satin ribbon for it and it will be all done. e wants me to keep it, but i plan on making one slightly different for me... this one's going on auction anyways (i need to make some money soon). It's actually more goth than i have ever worn, but i think people will like it. it's pretty hot. i'll take a pic when i'm done.

I have to say, it's quite empowering to make your own clothes. I didn't realize how absolutely awesome it feels to make the outfit I want to wear the next day, the night before. Obviously it's a lot cheaper than buying from stores, and I can custom styles for myself exactly how I want them. Honestly, it makes me feel more me, and i feel more confident walking around the hallways and talking in class. odd huh? such a silly superficial thing can make me feel so much better...

oh and i broke ANOTHER needle on my sewing machine! this time i was using some thin fabric and trying out the button hole functioning. the needle didn't get stuck, but the machine sucked some fabric down into itself. When I pulled out the fabric, my hand hit the needle pretty forcefully (i got pricked a bit... boo) and i snapped the needle. I still have two more needles, but at this rate, i better buy some extras pronto!

ok class time. gotta go be emotional


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