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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

a randomly fun night

last night was randomly a lot of fun at some random places.

ming invited e and i for pearls around 10:30pm
so close to 11 pm we show up a q-cup to meet fu, ming, and johnny-bakes-alot

we had to order quickly because they close at 11pm. but we still got to hang there for about 30 min or so (the pics of ming's pansy shirt are at qcup)

since q-cup was closing, we headed next door to pizza my heart and e bought a bottle of water so we didn't feel like we were just using their table (although really we were, because it was cold and rainy outside).

since pizza my heart closed at midnight, we left when we were the last 'customers' in the joint... where to next? well, off to the rose and crown which had just finished some sort of show... (we need to go to quiz night some tuesday evening...). ming and johnny actually had some real drinks, and we got made fun of for calling a cabernet sauvignon "cab sauv." Apparently, it's just "cab." silly us. fu and i had root beers. we switched tables twice, and we learned some weird dice game from the bartender. Even though the music was loud, we had pretty good conversation all night. I have to say it was really really nice to go out and keep wandering around for a change.


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