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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

celebrating the end of the quarter

the end of undergrad years...
the end of finals...

st. patrick's day...

I'm not sure how I feel about this shirt yet... it evolved so much from what it set out to be...
Started with a plain black small t-shirt from Michaels ($2.50)
- i made it into a nice tank: took of the sleeves and left the collar on
- slit up the entire back side (I loved the shirt at this point)
- decided to stencil something on the front.
- Stenciled scarly lori's on the front
- absolutely hated the way the stencil came out
- grabbed a scrap of red t-shirt that I had cut from my french stencil shirt yesterday
- after drying and ironing the stencil, I covered it with the red scrap and sewed it on
- e said it looked like a batman shirt :(
- added ribbon up the front in two long parallel lines
- decided to add ribbon tied to do a cinched corset thing in front
- e said it would look better without the shirt material between the corseting
- cut out the corseting and hemmed the edges

it would have been fine before i stenciled it... but i thought a stencil might make it extra fun...

blah i need to get a 4 pack (much cuter than 6 pack on girls)...


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