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Thursday, June 09, 2005

movie week

This week is movie week. On Monday evening, my friends and I went out to catch the latest Star Wars Movie. I personally think it was a waste of money. Very cheesy. Ervy sent me this cute comic about it that amused me.

Tuesday night we watched Finding Neverland with Paulie. I lurve me some Johnny Depp. I enjoyed the movie, and it reminded me a bit of Big Fish in some of the more imaginative parts.

Last night ervy and I finally saw Hairspray (yay John Waters). I still think I like Polyester best, but Hairspray was fun/interesting. I didn't know anything about it besides the fact that it was by said director and ricki lake is in it. It was a fun throwback to times of old when people would actually watch tv just to see people learn actual dances. I did think the beatniks were an odd/amusing touch.

Tonight: Saving Face. I have heard good things about this movie from some of the Asian American online communities I'm on. It's by local director (San Jose) Alice Wu.


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