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Friday, June 10, 2005

Saving Face

Saving Face was probably the best movie I've seen in long time. It's amazing that you can forget how good a movie can really be until you see one that really resonates with you. Really this movie was funny, emotional, and mentally stimulating.

I know this is often said about other Chinese American movies (think JLC), but they really captured the Chinese American (adult generation) community well, and many scenes were amusing in their familiarity and obvious silliness (at least from the point of view of this 3rd gen gal).

Y'all should go see this movie! The only part I found hard to swallow was the ending, but, heck, it's hollywood. I liked the rest of the movie enough anyways.

I'm even going to recommend to my parents that they see this movie, although I know there may be some scenes that make them uncomfortable (really just 1 or 2 short scenes).

I started spinning again 2 nights ago while watching TV. I spun up almost all of the superwash merino my wonderful SP4 sent me! The most fun discovery of the night was that I can finally do the long draw! (or at least I can do it with this roving). It is uber fun, and I definitely think i'd like to sping this way more often in the future. Anywho, I spun it up into singles and spun up some wonderful bright red wool singles to ply it with. The resulting yarn is very bright and pretty and reminds me alot of of some of the bright plies of snapcrafty yarns. Pictures to come later when I dig out my camera.

so this isn't an entirely pictureless post, here's nikko when he first investigated the cubby of the dvd rack that ervy built:

the cats have been wigging me out. Nikko jumps onto the stove and counters when we're not looking. I've caught him on the stove, and he gets a good squirting, but he doesn't really seem to care afterwards, since he'll jump right back on again. This mainly means that 1) we have to be uber careful when we're cooking (no leaving unattended stockpots heating on the stove 2) no waiting to clear up leftovers out of the pans on the stove or nikko will do it for us (I've caught him doing this) 3) I need to keep anything fragile or dangerous off the countertops. Meaning I can't leave wine glasses that need washing next to the sink or nikko may topple them over, and no leaving sharp objects on the counters. This morning I found a pair of scissors on the bathroom floor that Nikko (I guess it COULD have been asha, but nikko is the one who mainly jumps on the counters) had dragged off of the kitchen counters. He's such a trouble maker!!!


Jacqueline said...

There's some film with Sandra Oh about the Chinese/American experience and damned if I can remember the name.....Something Happiness...'Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity'. Okay maybe not so much about the 'experience' but about a 12 year old chinese/canadian girl who tries to fix her mom's love life with taoist magic - good movie and who doesn't love to see Sandra Oh on the screen. (Jacqueline typing whatever thoughts come into her head.)

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