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Monday, June 06, 2005

i'm alive and well

sorry to have left everyone hanging. I was quite quite ill when last I blogged, but then even after the doctor's appointments, I still had to run into work to try to tie up some loose ends, and then pack like a mad woman before I trucked off to Houston to see ervy's brother graduate.

Here's Sean, the happy high school graduate:

I got to meet scads of evan's family. I learned all about the past year of one of his uncle's medical history (stuff neither evan nor sean had any clue about) as told by his aunt while ironing sean's shirt for graduation. I had the wonderful chance to be caught off guard by evan's mom's birthday. Apparently it was the sunday of graduation May 29 (again, evan and sean were clueless that it was their mother's birthday). There I was stuck without a gifty, so evan and I raced out before graduation (like 30 minutes before) and picked up season 3 and 4 of West Wing for her.

Graduation itself was quite interesting. It was threatening to rain the entire time, and as they were calling out the graduates names for them to get their diplomas, it started to thunder and lightning directly over head so that half the audience ran away while the ceremony continued.

This is the puzzle that saved me during my trip to Houston. It's 2000 pieces, and provided wonderful focus for me during times of M familial stress and bustle.

food tour
Most of my time in Houston after focusing on the graduation weekend, was spent seeking out tasty food places. I made sure to hit my favorites like Goode Company Barbecue (the ribs and sausage are quite yummy, and the smoked duck is AMAZING. And don't forget the jalepeno bread) and House of Pies (for that wonderful pie 24 hours of the day!). I also went to Pappadeux and had some tasty creole food (my first time having dirty rice and shrimp creole), and I ate the most fantastic sweet potato pecan pie *YUM*! Evan's mom made red beans and rice for me (a dish fairly foreign to me, but yummy all the same). I had some of the tastiest pizza Houston has to offer from Star Pizza (their salads are so yummy, I think I had the "chelsea"). We had some mediocre vietnamese food at Mai's (I think it was mediocre because the dishes ordered weren't really vietnamese (but instead a poor rendition of chinese food), there were two tofu dishes that basically tasted the same and were unextraordinary). The last meal we had there was sought out in the Bellaire area of Houston. We went to Santong Snacks for some of the yummiest dumplings I've had in a long time (sean refused to try the pig ear appetizer we got). Here's a photo (not mine) of some of the yummy dumplings at Santong Snacks for your drooling pleasure. The dumplings we ate were not fried.

devil's many disguises
Wow. this Walmart (seen near the Meyerland side of Houston) looks like a Whole Foods... weird creepy image change, no?


Moze said...

It is near Meyerland, after all--that neighborhood is starting to demand fancy. You won't see a Walmart like this on teh service road of 59 or in Sugarland, I'd bet.

Vicki said...

I never made it to my hs graduation. I'm sorta dreading the big college one too. So much to-do and making other people happy. I love puzzles! That one is pretty crazy too. Those Walmart grocery stores are taking over here in Kansas. There are like 3 within 15 minutes from my mom's house. Darn Walmart!

Delia said...

Welcome back! Your trip sounded like a good time - and CONGRATS on that puzzle! That must have been a major undertaking.

CynCyn said...

drooool all over the computer screen. Seriously. The pics of the potstickers... oh la la. I bet the steamed ones were delish! (but you didn't say what the filling was - pork? shrimp? chives?)

Abigail said...

That puzzle looks cah-ray-zee!

The dumplings do look declious though! Mmmm.

Christina said...

It sounds like you had a great trip. Cool puzzle. Glad to hear you're "back" at the blog and feeling better.

~ Christina

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