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Monday, May 23, 2005

can i just get something to numb all this?

completely irrelavent misery speak
evan got me a new thermometer. It's a lot cuter than the one I used to use at home, it's blue and by Vick's. It also spits back my temperature in a matter of seconds. Currently, I'm at 101.8, but i'm hoping it goes down soon before I go to pick up ervy and matt at the caltrain.

I have to say, I was quite happy with my palo alto medical foundation. I was able to get a doctor's appt easily this morning, and evan helped drive me there. My doctor (not my normal one) was an extreme fast talker. It was a little overwhelming, but she took my throat culture and even wrote me a note for work (unneccesary for where i work, but I was too amused at the prospect of getting a doctor's note to turn it down. Under doctor's orders, i'm officially not allowed to go into work until wednesday, and even then, it's only if i feel better). Unfortunately, my strep culture came back negative, so i had to go back in this afternoon so they could draw blood (oh god i hate needles, *side note* it once took two nurses to hold me down to get a shot when i was young. i tried to run for the door. damn that shot hurt.) So now I get to wait a couple days for them to tell me if i have mono. To be honest, I can't imagine how I would get mono. I do work at a college campus with lots of students everyday, but i certainly don't swap spit with any of them.

My pain:
hot flashes (suddenly breaking into a sweat for a good hour) / cold flashes (teeth chattering, making me curl into a fetal position under the covers until i get warm again)
hugely swollen and very painful throat and lymph nodes
nausea every once in a while
earaches when my body gets too warm
general fatigue and achey-ness all over

In general, i'm just a big plate of misery consumed with a tall glass of guilt. Why the guilt? This week is really crunch week for me at my jobs. School is going to let out soon, and I'm taking off for evan's brother's graduation this friday. I need to wrap up these experiments stat. And if i do have mono, what then? does that mean i'm incapacitated for a month? or can i work normally?

on friday, i started cleaves, although i am worried about running out of yarn (i'm using lion brand woolease chunky on size 10s. The color is pumpkin, and I got it on sale when the seasonal color was being discontinued. I originally bought 4 balls, but I used up 1 1/2 on another project earlier. so we'll see if I have enough. if anyone has this yarn in this color, i'd be willing to pay for it or work out some kind of trade.

ok. i'm going to go back to dying now.


Abigail said...

Ugh, I'm sorry you're feeling so under the weather. :(

CynCyn said...

Your symptoms sound SO painful, I'm surprised you could concentrate enough to blog. I'd be using an IV for some serious painkillers. Someone should run and get you a gigantic bowl of pho!!

caitlyn said...

Lori, I'm so sorry that you're feeling so yucky. I hope you feel better soon! Take care!

Anonymous said...

There is something seriously nasty going around the Bay Area - just about everyone I know has gotten it. I hope you're feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Feel better! Rest! And, stuff!

Vicki said...

Poor thing! Too bad you can't enjoy your time off from work. I hate jobs that require notes, what're we, 12? Feel better!!

xtina said...

Hope you feel better soon! I got mono when I was in 8th grade... while staying in a private hospital room with's a mystery how I got it.

Ada said...

I sure hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you're feeling crappy. Hope you feel better very soon!

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