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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Q&A or responses in general

no time for knitting content since I have an 11hour work day to get through (it was going to be 12 but i canceled my first experiment because I thought I would collapse). So today I will catch up on answering some questions from y'all.

1. Multiple people have asked whether chinchilla fur is spinnable. Well, I guess it could be, but I would have to answer 'no' anyway. Chinchilla fur has a short staple length, maybe 1" and no crimp. It is silky soft, but chinchillas do not shed unless they are stressed or terrorized. If caught, they will 'release' fur, but I wouldn't ever suggest harvesting chinchilla fur like this because A) it would make for a very nervous and unhappy chinchilla B) it would make for a very bald and cold chinchilla. Chinchillas can take quite a while to regrow fur they have lost.

2. CynCyn asks if I make my Hot Pot sauce with or without the egg. I do not personally make it with the egg, but I do know what you're talking about as I've seen friends do it... don't worry, my hot pot experience was still uber tasty!

3. Tanya asks how to get avocado seeds to sprout as hers is taking a while to do so. From what I've read, not all avocado seeds sprout, so the seed could be a dud. Also, avocado seeds can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to sprout probably also dependent on the method you are using to sprout them. Many people (myself included) enjoy watching the process and stick toothpicks in the sides of the seed to hold it up on a jar of water. This is a very fun way to try to grow them, but the seed will actually sprout faster and be hardier if started in moist soil with just the top (the pointier end) sticking up out of the soil.

4. Thank you for Meriah for the advice on the Cherimoya seeds taking a long time to sprout. Thus far, none of the seeds I stuck in pots with bags over them have sprouted, but I'm still hopeful :)

5. Thanks for the compliments on the family pics. Shhhh... no one tell them they're up on my bloggy blog. My family is really weird about having their pics up on the public space. But I think they are all cute, and y'all deserve to see my cute family.

6. Ada pointed out there is a knit in public day. Really everyday is a knit in public day for me (I always knit a bit on the bus), but I'm all for knitters taking to the streets in mass. Join up, yo!

7. thank you all for your compliments on my little deck garden. It certainly makes me happy (and will hopefully feed me nicely over the summer).

8. Since SP4 finished I should mention that not only did Vicki spoil me, but I had a lot of fun sending treats to Cece. Stop by their blogs and say 'hi'


CynCyn said...

He he. I just noticed in the previous post, that Nikko's name got capitalized, but poor Ervy.

No egg? Mmm... egg in the sauce!

What about spinning cat fur? LOL. I am so joking. (even though my monsters shed like fur is out of fashion)

Cece said...

Well - I certainly enjoyed being spoiled! Good luck on your monster work day.

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