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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Arboreal Salamander

After many months of not looking, I finally found out what the two salamanders in my recycle bin were.

They are Arboreal Salamanders, known for climbing trees! Their tails are prehensile, so they actually can use them in climbing. Also, they can apparently squeak like mice, and deliver a painful bite if provoked.

Why the sudden spur to find out information about these wet little creatures? My GSB boss befriended one from his yard. He had no idea what it was but wanted to feed it. So I did a couple google searches.

My searches also led me to
This blog post where a guy runs through what he's been bitten by. For my own catalog and perhaps lack of blogging material, I have decided to make my own list (much shorter, but I'm sure it will fill out in my lifetime).

Animals by which I have been bitten:

Teddy Bear Hamsters
These guys are normally so sweet tempered. Just don't surprise them when they're asleep by trying to lift them out of their warm nest. My thumb got bitten so hard I think it hit a nerve.

Dwarf Hamsters I never met one of these devils that didn't bite

cat That cat at Wegman's was certainly finicky about being petted.

spiders oh god. I hate them so much

mosquitos Camping is a miserable experience for me. Even with pounds of bugspray on, the little buggers seek me out. My mom tells me it's because my blood is naturally sweet.

fleas while visiting a now ex-boyfriend's family, I found out and informed them that they had an infestation of fleas. Their cat had brought them in, and the little buggers were jumping up on our legs from the floor.

cockatiel his name was Pete. He was the pet of an exboyfriend's little brother. As a baby, this bird was such a sweetie. Later on though, he nipped everyone quite hard!

human someone's baby bit my cheek when I was young. They thought he was going to give me a kiss. They were wrong.

firebellied newt had some as pets. the nips don't hurt at all since their mouths are so soft.

lice doesn't every kid get those annoying buggers

yellow jacket I was just playing volleyball at a friend's bday party when one decided to fly up my shorts and take a chunk out of my thigh.

catfish 6th grade camp we went up into the Sierras. We spent some time jumping off rocks into a deep pond which had many little catfish. Climbing out, they kept mouthing/sucking my toes.


Vicki said...

Yeah, I've had plenty of dwarf hamster bites. They're so darn cute, but such little bastards. Yellow jacket, I think I'd pass out. I have such a rediculous fear of bees, hornets, yellow jackets and the like. The kitty I had when I was little used to bite my toes at night :)

Laura.Y said...

My oh my, you've been bitten by quite a lot of things! I've got 3 sorta bites before. Mosquitoes, red ants and my naughty dog.

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