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Monday, May 09, 2005

Vote For Nikko!

My Nikko is up now for vote at the purrrfect kitty contest. Please stop by and vote for my baby!

Mother's Day weekend took over my life Saturday and Sunday. My family was supposed to go down to S. Cali to meet up with relatives to play Mah Jong, but some complications came up, so we stayed around the Bay Area instead. Saturday, I had a tasty dinner at Grand River Hot Pot Cafe in SF to celebrate mother's day with my Nai Nai.

(left to right: me, nai nai, my brother, my auntie helen, my auntie marion, daddy). Ervy took the picture. We decided this was a much nicer experience than going to hot pot city if only for the fact that we left and didn't reek of Hot Pot! It was good to see my Nai Nai. As an extra plus, I got to gossip about The OC with my brother ("Oh my god, it's getting so intense"- Will. Apparently he and his friends have weekly parties around the show, which was greatly interrupted by the President's rebroadcasted speech a couple weeks ago), and Desperate Housewives ("It's so obvious that Mrs Solis's baby is the gardener's" - Auntie Marion).

Sunday, my mom, grandma, ervy, will and I headed off to the Asian Art Museum in SF. We had a guided tour of many buddhist statues from Tibet, India, China, etc. The coolest/creepiest thing we saw was a teapot made from human skulls. ICK! There were also pipes made from human femurs.

(left to right in front of some bull statue: will, mom, me, grandma)

After another mommy day dinner, we headed out to Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy which was quite enjoyable! My favorite part included a crab that says, "Whee!"

Blah, now I'm here at work. I actually have my camera, so I thought I'd show y'all the ridiculous mammoth-sized archeaic vhs video recorders I use in the business school to record some of my experiments. They barely work. And they're bigger than my head.

oh yeah, and I'm a dork.

Thanks for all the well wishes on my bad day last week. I got my cake, and some tasty pizza. I didn't get a chance to knit on my long commute home, I was mainly grumbling away to myself, and trying to avoid crazy drivers who were as equally frustrated as I was. I have been knitting a bit though. Here's a hat I started on last week from my Coffee Break yarn. I'm not using a pattern (a decision that doesn't bode well for me), so we'll see if it miraculously fits in the end, or if I rip it out and actually swatch and make/find a pattern.


ThreeOliveMartini said...

i am loving your family shot!! that is great.. i love that hat too .. i was completely fascinated by that yarn when i first saw it .. and now that i see it knit .. even more enamoured!

CynCyn said...

Hot pot. HOT POT! Do you make the sauce with or w/o the egg? The choc. cake looks delish!

Cece said...

That is CRAZY yarn. What a cool hat!

Jacqueline said...

L-O-V-E the family pics!!!

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