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Friday, May 13, 2005

oh fridays

fridays are the days that participants sign up for experiment times, and then flake because it's such a gorgeous day, and they'd rather spend it with their friends. So I'm stuck in a windowless basement, waiting around for people that never come. I can't complain too much, since I get paid no matter what, but still! I still feel like it's a waste of time somehow.

I'm almost done with my hat... in that it's knitted up, I just need to weave in the ends and make pom poms for it. The GOOD NEWS is that it ACTUALLY FITS!! Yay for random guessing and increasing whenever I felt like it. (I'm sure this concept horrifies many knitters... um... so... uh... sorry?). Pictures to come, next week!

so for now, I'll shove pictures of my garden at you. My patio garden never ceases to amaze me. Even while I try to naturally get battle pests such as aphids (I can sit out there for an hour shooting them off with a water bottle.... why not use a hose you ask? well because then i run the risk of watering my downstairs neighbors' blind dog....which apparently doesn't know to get out from under the water... poor thing) watching my plants bloom and get bushy and tall is wonderful, and I'm always impressed with the speed at which each plant matures. Next year, it's all about companion planting. There will definitelybe marigolds among my tomatoes next year. for shizzy.

Tomato Row: Here are 9 of my 12 tomato plants all in a row along my deck. There's a kaffir lime tree in between some of them, but I doubt you can pick it out. These are all heirloom varieties, and they've grown lovely and full!

my pepper plant has lots of little flowers, and grows taller/bushier every day! It has three peppers already growing on it, and I see why my grandma got so excited to hear i was growing one. My grandma thinks of them as such nice clean plants. Compared with tomatoes, they are wonderfully compact and easy to take care of it seems. I will definitely plant more next year!


Delia said...

oohhh.... your garden looks great! I hope mine will look like that someday!

Vicki said...

Your garden is amazing. I've always wanted to grow things myself, but I've never had the space. Ahh, someday :)

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