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Friday, May 20, 2005


okay, when I first saw Cleaves from the most recent knitty, I thought, "huh?"

but after seeing this post in the LJ knitting community, I have to say, I think it's damn cute. I'm sure a 21987394757 people would dissagree with me, but ervy likes it, so I'm going to give it the go ahead... Now I just need to figure out if I have the yarn in my stash to complete it or if I have a reason for buying more YARN!!!

Okay, so I'm already bidding on some lamb's pride bulky on ebay. But I found a craftster post where some people have made Cleaves with Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky on size 10s. I may try that since I actually have enough of this at home to do a Cleaves (they said it toook 2 2/3 balls). So my first Cleaves may be either orange or blue or some mix of both.

In the meantime, here's my teensy bit of progress on my non-mikado ribbon fingerless gloves. The end is so near and yet with my schedule, so far. For some reason the lighting made it look like they're two different colors. it's not. my camera's just crazy.

non knitting, actually, food related
I've been eating tasty food all week. Even on my major work day that beat me nearly to death, I came home and ervy had a delicious plate of butini pasta with a creamy porcini mushroom sauce *YUM!*

On our monthaversary, we roasted up some fresh veggies, (mmm, look at the caramelized goodness!):

and we had some pulled pork (placed fittinly in my pig plate):

Last night, I made fresh tortillas for the first time. I bought the masa from Mi Rancho, and a tortilla press, and soon I was frying up some tortillas!

Paulie got caught by the blog cam!!


StarKnits said...

my mouth is watering just looking at your yummy goodness! YUM!

Suzie said...

Hey Lori,
The store that is closing is Paula Frazer Handwoven:
The last day of the sale is today--5/21. She'll be open for the last day today from 12-5. It's at 325 Corland in SF!

CynCyn said...

Yay! pics of food. and knitting. doesn't get better.

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