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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

chicago has good hot dogs, right?

So there is a possibility that I will be going to Chicago for 5-7 weeks this summer with work. This is both exciting (it's an amazing opportunity for me) and daunting (I hear it's really really hot over there, and I'd be working LOTS, the work may be really demanding and stressful, and there will be no ervy).

I won't know for a bit if I'm going or not, since my professor is offering the opportunity to graduate students first. So, we'll see :)

Anyone know any good yarn shops in Chicago?


Abigail said...

You should pose that question over at Knitter's Anonymous. Both K and C used to live in Chicago.

Delia said...

If you need some food/entertainment advice, let me know because Jason grew up in Chicago!

Anonymous said...

I stopped by Knitting Workshop a couple of times when I lived in Chicago last summer. It was pretty nice, though I can't say I got much of that Midwestern friendliness there. Nice selection of high-end stuff though.

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