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Monday, June 13, 2005

cousins' graduation

*ahem! cough, cough *

yes, so... I went through all of my cousins' graduations and receptions and lunch/dinner without anyone noticing (including myself) my fashion mishap. Only as the family gathering was dispersing did my cousin Christine ask, "Um, Lori, did you know that you're wearing two different shoes?"

ack! I was deciding between the two shoes yesterday morning, and I really thought I had put both the flower ones on before I left. oops. Both shoes were similar in height so I didn't notice any problems walking, and they are similar enough in color that no one noticed it right off the bat.

This is a short blog burst today. My brother showed me his new cell phone yesterday, and I had fun playing around with it. He's actually going to return it and get a better one (with a 2megapixel camera), but I like his. My dad has already agreed to getting me one for my birthday! yay! more photo taking capability for the bloggy blog! the pic of my shoes above and the following two are from his cell phone (i shrank them in photoshop)

big headed asha

and sleepy nikko


Stacey said...

hahahhahahahahhaha! Thanks for sharing! I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. :) I think we've all done something similar at some time.

Delia said...

I've definitely done that before! It's usually two different flip-flops - I throw them on when I am running out the door without taking much time to actually look!

Agnes said...

Thanks for the good laugh on a Monday! And I certainly miss the beautiful asha!

Anonymous said...


Ahem. Yeah, been there, done that.:) recently, even. thank goodness it was at night!

Abigail said...

That's pretty funny! Funnier still that no one noticed! I've done that with earrings, but never with shoes. ;)

--Deb said...

Oops! My best friend's mother did the same thing for her (my best friend's) wedding. The really funny part was that the two shoes were almost identical, but that she had PACKED both pairs to bring on the plane to the wedding. I've never understood why she felt compelled to give suitcase-room to four almost-identical shoes, but the fact that she accidentally put on the mismatched ones? Perfectly understandable!

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