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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

yay for exciting emails!

Woke up this morning to a nice surprise/request in my email box.

The associate editor of Family Circle Knitting was requesting samples of some of my products from Asha's Corner! I was of course skeptical at first (in case someone was trying to scam me) but the address I sent the samples to is actually the offices of soho publishing (Family circle knitting, vogue knitting, etc), so it appears to be legit. Woot!

Of course that doesn't mean I'll be in a magazine. I'm just getting reviewed for the possibility. But that's pretty neat in itself! Honestly, I was actually just happy that they even stumbled across my site! Neato!

Anyway, I spent this morning before work, busy throwing together the sample package, and waiting in line at the post office to overnight it to NY. Then I got to come in and learn how to handle the reaction time data I'm getting from participants. Exciting, no?

I bought an $11 fruit yesterday. Yes, it was one fruit. It better be a darn good fruit. It's a Cherimoya. (They look like artichokes to me!) I am interesting in seeing if I can grow the seeds and then convince my parents to plant it in their yard. Even if it does grow, pollinating this fruit tree sounds insane! Each flower is a male and a female (but at different times of the day). So in the morning, you may have 40 male flowers that you have to collect pollen from so that in the afternoon, when they turn into female flowers, you can pollinate them! I can see why the fruit is $11. Apparently, the only place in the US that has been able to grow them is California.

Ervy also picked up three passion fruits for me last night at Sigona's (Thanks Ursula for the tip!). I have to admit, I was amazed at the ratio of seeds to pulp/juice, but the juice IS super tasty. We made some yummy drinks with passion fruit juice, lime juice, and tequila... I got a wee bit too drunk last night! A good way to start off the week, no?

I also picked up a small yellow papaya to try, and a couple avocados. I plan to try to grow them all, and see what happens :)


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so glad you got some passion fruit. I heard the seeds are edible; in fact, the seeds are the thing you eat (like a pomegranate). I love a good cherimoya and allow myself to purchase one once or twice a year. I've seem them at Sigona's, Ranch 99, Golden Phoenix, and the Milk Pail, and the price seems to vary a lot. I bought one at the Milk Pail once for a scant $3 or $4 per lb. Sadly, it was much crappier than the more expensive ones at Sigona's.

--Deb said...

Congratulations about FCEK. Hope it works out for you!

Delia said...

That's awesome Lori! Your new culinary treats sound yummy... I would love to see your garden!

Abigail said...

Have you ever had passionfruit sorbet? It's SO good!

IndigoMuse said...

Congrats on FCEK. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I'm very curious as to how you get avocado seeds to sprout. I've had one hanging in some water (a shot glass) for almost two weeks with no sign of life. What am I doing wrong? Good luck with your fruit seeds.


Anonymous said...

congrats on your promising e-mail sign! and also congrats for trying passion fruit... i love love love them, including the seeds. mmmm. and the juice is fabulous in mixed cocktails - a little goes a long way :)

Suzie said...

Lori, That's so cool about FCEK! I love your stuff..I hope it gets in!

Cece said...

Hi!! I'm so glad to finally get to 'meet' you. Thanks for being such an AWESOME SP!

Meriah said...

Cherimoya seeds take a long time to sprout. Weeks. So don't throw out the baggy for a long time. I sprouted some by putting them in a zip lock with a damp paper towel but it took forever.

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