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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


yarn stuffs (knitting and spinning)

I finished spinning up another yarn yesterday, but it's drying, and I'm thinking I want to ply it before I say it's finished... I do like it a lot though! I think I'm getting better at sending off my babies favorite handspun skeins. I have such a connection with my handspun, sometimes they're hard to part with when I sell them. I'm sure they're all going to lovely homes, I just wish I knew what became of them. :) *sigh*

ooh, check out this. I saw it on one of my lj groups. Guerilla Spinning! That's right. take over your local coffee shop!

Thanks for the comments on the moebius! I should say that I do love the color, just not the length. I think maybe I'll frog it and either make it shorter and wider, or use it for the lap blanket from Weekend Knitting since I have more of the yarn, and it's quite warm... hmm... such decisions I'm forced to make!

on comments
if you haven't thrown in your 2 cents on commenting, please do! I really want to know what people prefer. I do understand Abigail, because I am quite used to the livejournal comment system, where you reply at the post and the commenter receives it in email form... WHY BLOGGER??!! WHY CAN'T YOU DO THAT?? AND WHY MUST YOU HAVE A CRAPPY COMMENTING SYSTEM THAT ONLY LETS PEOPLE COMMENT 50% OF THE TIME!!!??

end rant

random linky... I love it when artists sneak into big museums and hang up their work. It just amuses me...

VPotD (Vintage Pattern of the Day)


Delia said...

Ok, I love the little girls shell on the left. Do they make big-girl sizes?

Anonymous said...

Blogger is a special case, it seems. I'm registered, but only use my registration to comment on my Secret Pal's blog, and also post on the Scarf Style Knitalong. It seems like it's hard to get the commenter's email address to respond that way.

With other services, though, an email response is great. When I have the time, I try to go to the commenter's blog and leave a comment, as well.

I'm new at this, so I'm glad you raised the issue. Thanks, Lori!

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