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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Ooh invisible cast-ons!

I found this great website with videos on the different cast-ons. It also shows the invisible cast on, honestly, it looks really neat!! It makes me excited to try a moebius scarf or something I want to knit off the bottom of. So as soon as these darn wrists/arms are feeling better, I'll be rocking the needles! I have a doctor's appt tomorrow, and the doctor has already instructed me not to knit right now :(

Ervy was reading my Tuesday blog post over my shoulder after I finished it, and he was suddenly quite accusatory, "HEY! You aren't supposed to be signing up for any more knit a longs!" He's so cute and concerned about my wrists!

random thoughts

All the Margueritte drivers seem to think I'm Japanese.

I am starting to worry that I'm really getting old. For the past couple days I've been wandering around worrying about my wrists and arms, and rubbing salve on the muscles to try to alleviate pain. It's not arthritis (I hope!), but I can imagine this would be like it. Also, with all the salve, I'm starting to smell like many older ladies/grandparents who often rub different ointments upon their joints. I'm 23, and I get carded whenever I try to get alcohol anywhere, but I'm quickly becoming an old woman. Sheesh.

I won something!!! Annie had a contest for Girl Scout Cookies! I'm gonna get 2 boxes of Samoas in the mail!!!! Woot Woot! Locals feel free to come over and help me eat them when they arrive :)

Vintage Pattern of the Day


caitlyn said...

I hope your wrists feel better soon!

Abigail said...

Is that vintage pattern a rug? I'm intrigued!

xtina said...

Hi, thanks for the comment! The roving isn't natural colored, it's the one on the far left.. and I got it on ebay from seller, leightonfarms, they've got really inexpensive dyed rovings and they're really great.

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