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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Rainy tuesday blues

Ervan's bro left this morning. It was so unfortunate that the entire time he was here it rained. :(

He did get to spend a lot of time with the kitties who are quite happy staying together during the night now on our bed. Nikko's foster daddy contacted me over the weekend and sent me some photos he had of Nikko from about a month ago as well as a picture of his sister!

Nikko looked the same:

His sister looks so different from him though!

She's so much furrier! Apparently she is also a lot shier than Nikko. But I think Nikko is the most outgoing kitty I've ever met.

I finished spinning up the rest of the green roving I dyed with Wilton dyes last week. Then I decided to ply in some magenta/maroon mohair curls for this week's Fiber Friday theme "Garden". This skein reminds me of roses blooming on their stems!


Even with sean (ervy's bro) here and my studying all weekend, I did manage to cast on for a moebius scarf (I got to use my hello kitty stitch markers from Lynette!) and finish it. I haven't blocked it yet or woven in the ends.

wrapped as a cowl hood thing:

It's also way too long, so I have to double it around if I want to use it as a scarf:

I totally forgot I had a widow's peak until I saw these pictures, I guess I don't wear my hair up much in pictures anymore. Did I mention I don't even like this moebius? I may like it more after blocking, we'll see. I used some recycled yarn from a Laura ashley sweater and a strand of bright blue mohair yarn (Geisha) on US#13 Addi Turbo 40" circulars. I cast on roughly 135 stitches.

Vintage pattern of the day
Emy mentioned that she thought the era of sleek, chic and elegant are staging a comeback!

Indeed I agree. I think a US News magazine in my bathroom also agrees, as they noted that many of the conservative sweater sets and what not are back in fashion once more!

Today's vintage knitting pattern is a tennis player set for the whole family!

on comments
what do you all feel is the best way to respond to comments on a blog?

1) reply by email if the email is given?
2) reply as a comment on the same post?
3) address comment in following day blog post?
4) something else?

I'm still trying to figure out the right ettiquette for these things!


Anonymous said...


Also, I *love* the colors of the moebius scarf!

Moni said...

Aww! your little niko is so adorable! I've been ejoying reading about how your two cats have gotten to know each other. It's actually great for future reference when I eventually get a couple of kitties :)

I'm with you on the comment etiquette! I'm pretty clueless. And it seems different with different types of blogs. On my other blog I answer in the comments, but with my knitting blog I've been e-mailing the commentor back.

Knitty Gritty Thoughts said...

I hear you! I never know the right way to do it, let us all know what everyone thinks. I usually write back general comments or thank you in blog but that's cause blogger is a hassle with comments and doesn't pass along the email address.

xtina said...

I love that yarn!..with the mohair locks. Comments are a mystery to me. On one hand theres Haloscan that keeps a list of comments then blogger emails the comments, but it sucks clicking reply to the blogger emails doesn't reply back to the commenter.

Anonymous said...

So many things to comment about... your kitties are so cute. Gorgeous garden yarn, and I like your mobius! Gotta make one soon

Agnes said...

I've always wanted to knit a moebius ... but somehow there are always other projects butting in. Yes, I also think yours is a little bit long ... but the colour is good.
About the comments, do what you feel like. But it is always a good feeling to get responds from bloggers.

Abigail said...

I vote for either an email or in the next day's post. I have to admit that I don't often check back to see if someone has replied to a comment I've left. I think it's my LiveJournal laziness because I am so used to getting replies to comments in emails.

Anonymous said...

I love*love*love that color green in the yarn. Wow, that's gorgeous! Re: commenting, some bloggers respond to all comments by email, even it's just to say thanks for a compliment. I love and read all my comments, but I won't respond unless asked a specific question. I'll respond in the comments themselves or the next entry.

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