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Friday, March 04, 2005

friday, almost end of the week, itching to knit!

Went to the doctor yesterday. She doesn't think it's carpal tunnel (thank goodness), just repetitive stress and the muscles are unhappy. She said I might try knitting again for an hour after this week, or the next week (so I'll try at the end of this week of course!)

in the meantime, I tried my hand at making a few kanzashi. I really want to break out an iron, and see how the folding goes if I do crisp presses. I think right now the thinner fabrics work best.

here's one that I've finished

i've done 5 other flowers, but I haven't finished them off yet, so I'll show y'all later.

random link for y'all

this isn't gross, it's actually just pictures of peoples' fingers that end up looking like butts. I found it horribly amusing.
Finger Booty


Delia said...

ooohhhh... that turned out great! Can't wait to see what else you churn out!

Glad to hear that your wrists are healing...

ThreeOliveMartini said...

too funny .. i was reading your blog and you were reading mine at the same time LOL i will answer your question here cause i couldnt find your email .. the i-cord maker is 14.99 at AC Moore.. i had the 40% coupon so it was what i consider a good deal.. you have to use sport weight or less yarn althogh i tried some DK in it and it worked too .. you feed the yarn thru put the weight on the end and crank away .. it makes i-cord for you .. even though i do feel a little like monkey with a grinder LOL when i make alot of it...

Abigail said...

That hair pin is beautiful!

And the finger booty site made me laugh more than I want to admit. My husband got interested because he thought I was looking at porn and then he just shook his head at me when I told him what it really was. ;)

Christina said...

How beautiful! Sorry to hear your wrists hurt, but glad it's not carpel tunnel. At least you have other cool crafts to keep you busy.

~ Christina

Anonymous said...

Your kanzashi is gorgeous. Can you tell us a bit more about them? I did some googling and got that they were hair ornaments used in traditional Japanese hairstyles. One of the websites also said that each style in which they are worn has a particular meaning. How do you wear them?

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