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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

feline fleece scarves


Gewel said...

I just get a kick out of your blog. And your cat. :)

Delia said...

I was going to comment earlier about how great the photos were of Asha with the jeweled color. How do you get her to not freak out when you take those photos? Further... she looks like she is actually modeling them! If I tried that with Viva she would either a) claw me or b) give the camera the look of death!

Has she tried attacking the tree yet?

Sharlene said...

Hi Lori,
I couldn't find an e-mail link for you but had a question about your Bay Area Bloggers Ring. Does Santa Cruz count? :)

Lori said...

As always, I'm happy to entertain :)

Asha is quite amiable when it comes to photographs. She's quite used to me jumping around her with a camera. As for the collars, she didn't really care about me slipping new collars on and off her for photos, she barely noticed. Maybe all the photos have gone to her head so she's trying to strike poses now (not that I'm complaining, lol!)

Asha is really good about leaving the tree alone. So my tree is pretty intact. yay!

Sharlene, Santa Cruz is fine. I know many people who commute from there for work, and some people on the ring go out to Santa Cruz for yarn sales, so it's definitely close enough to count. :)

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