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Thursday, December 02, 2004

i forsee sims 2 in my future today - random drivel, no knitting done

got half a pile of data to enter still, and then i'll be playing fo' reals yo'

Liz got a new kitten! I wanna seeeeeeeeeee....

cool art from woosterfeed
All the animal lovers out there might appreciate this one.

Uneek and the StreetSweeper Crew go around urban cities and put up birdhouses that fit in with the urban scene.

oh for the ghetto birds who don't have the luxury of trees in surburbia or the countryside like their wealthier counterparts. These are the birds you see begging for bread crumbs in the street that sometimes fake a limp so you throw a little more bread over to them, only to find out that they DO have another foot! they were just holding it up where you couldn't see it! (I'm speaking from experience yo! these fowl are tricky!)

check out more of the bird houses here

semi-knitting related
Ming came over and complimented my flower washcloth. Well, he said it looked alot better than in the pictures. he then proceeded to wear i as a hat using the ends I haven't weaved in as the ties to his bonnet. He then tried to use it as a cat toy.

ervy tried on my mondial hat and people thought he looked like a chemo patient. :(
paulie tried on my mondial hat and he just looked skeezy.

so who did buy the chocolate sauce?

Check out this subverse iPod. Really, it just comes preloaded with music that was controversial because Negativeland had sampled some of U2's music. But man, black iPods looks so cool!

Dubya movie. Looks like a bunch of clips from Don Knott's old movies pulled together for a story of the current president.

more than meets the eye. quicktime video of a car commercial


Delia said...

Speaking of Sims 2... Have you seen this site? It's hysterical. Made me contemplate buying the Sims for the first time in my life!

Lori said...

lol. yes i have seen that site. It's very very amusing :)

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