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Thursday, December 16, 2004

gettin' things done

Finishing up Christmas gifts (like everyone else in the blogosphere!)

I did finish my mom's fun fur scarf (pictures to be posted later). I worked on Evan's mom's scarf yesterday evening. I've been working on that scarf for 2 months now, but I don't like to work on it. Everytime I pick it up and knit it, no matter how long I spend working on it, I swear it never gets longer. It's like the scarf from hell. It's a really boring scarf to knit too. Garter stitch one color with yarn maybe 1/3 worsted weight. It's driving me insane!

I worked a bit on my favorite aunt's scarf (drop stitch using the yarn). It feels absolutely wonderful to knit!! And the colors are gorgeous. I think after xmas, I'm going to make myself a garterstitch scarf out of the same yarn.

I mailed a set of handmade needles out today (yay!) but I had to drive to the post office twice. For future notice to myself, the mailbox by my house only has pickup at 12 noon :( on weekdays. (I went at 12:12pm)

My dad's birthday is this Saturday. I painted him a painting of our family. My whole family, including my grandma is coming to my apartment for dinner.

On the Menu:

Pork Stew with Prunes over Fettucine
Spicy Chopped Chicken & Eggs over rice
Fresh Green Salad
Raspberry Orange Trifle

A pinot noir

The spicy chopped chicken and eggs dish is really for my grandma. It doesn't fit terribly well with the rest of the menu, but I really wanted to make my dad the pork stew. My grandma doesn't like eating pork or noodles, and she prefers to eat Chinese food. So I'm making her a dish she will enjoy as well.

This will be the first time my grandma visits my apartment. My parents have been afraid to bring her since my family considers my living situation quite improper (me living with my boyfriend). So hopefully, all will go well.

I have lots of cleaning to do!


Amie said...

Don't show us before you give it to him, but can you take a picture of your painting? I'd love to see it!

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