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Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Years!

On this New Years Eve in Houston Texas I was supposed to go out shooting with Evan and his brother and his father. Unfortunately, due to sickness (mine... an extra unfortunateness) and house network mishaps (which evan has been on duty for as tech support), we never made it out the shooting range. I'll save it for my next Texas trip I guess and let evan's dad build up an even larger collection of weaponry. Honestly, I had this stupid fear that I would get shot at the shooting range. Guns freak me out, which is of course why I want to go shooting.

Most of my knitting projects for Christmas came and went without me taking pictures of them. I made my brother a set of brown Irish Hiking Arm Warmers that he LOVED. They matched the fleece scarves that he had me make for his girly and himself.

I did finish my Auntie's scarf out here in H town. It's a drop stitch scarf made from the and lots of pretty blue ribbons in the fringe. I really really like it. I may have to make myself one.

I have had lots of lovely knitting reading on my vacation here. SEE:

My brother got me Stitch N' Bitch for my Christmas present. And My parents bought me How to Spin Designer Yarns (it will complement my spinning wheel perfectly!).

Plus I picked up Interweave Knits Crochet magazine (I still don't know how to crochet, but I think it'd be nice to learn and expand my needlework repertoire). Flipping through, I think there's only a couple patterns I'm interested in trying once I learn how to crochet. The skirt on the front looks nice, and there's a pretty tank top in there as well.

I also picked up a papercraft magazine that gives you 3984723947329 ideas on different cards to make. Actually, I find this sort of magazine a bit annoying. Paper crafting to me feels so individual. I never know what card I'm going to make before I sit down and make it. Using a preset patterns seems so fake, and somehow makes handmade cards less special.

Also, look at the cool rocking chair Evan's family has up in the garage apartment:

I had hoped to be knitting in the chair quite often over this vacation, but after getting sick and with all the many many family gatherings, I've had little time in the chair.

We met with Evan's friend Matt from high school. We all got along SPLENDIDLY. Matt went to NYU film school and resides in NY with his kitty and new girlfriend Elisa. Matt was supercool, and definitely out indied us in the music scene. He promised to send us some cool Death Cab tracks we hadn't heard, and pointed us out to some new bands we had never heard of.

We also accomplished a couple of things on my To Do List for my time in Houston. We went to House of Pies, a Houston Bar (Little Woodrows is a great little bar btw if you're ever in H town), I tried a Kolache (basically a pig in a blanket, a food apparently originally from Czechloslovakia that has some noteriety here in the south) from the Kolache Factory, got ahold of some Blue Bell ice cream (a local Texas ice cream), I went to a drive in Sonic and had tater tots (YUM), I had Goode Company BBQ with some amazing Jalepeno bread).

Things I didn't get to do on my Houston To Do list:
go to the Bignet place (Sean assures me we can do this on the way to the airport tomorrow)
visit a H Town yarn shop/bead shop/fiber shop/spinning wheel shop
go to a H Town thrift shop to look for weird Texan things
go shooting for the first time
see a texas longhorn (not someone from the college, but an actually cow)

We also met up with Cara and her 4yr old daughter Sophie. Cara was ervy's photo teacher/friend in high school. She gave us a candle for christmas lit from a candle that was lit by the Dali Lama. The idea is that you light other candles from from your candle and give it to your friends, and it's representative of spreading peace.

I miss my kitty!!!!!!!!!!

I have actually had quite a few kitty encounters over here in H town. The neighborhood kitties come around to ervy's house because they get fed by the front door. There is a little black female with GORGEOUS huge green yellow eyes. And there is a really tubby orange tabby with white legs and a scratched up face (probably lots of kitty fights) that are quite friendly. The orange one literally falls all over you for attention.

The "crazy family" also had a kitty (Watson was his name). He would get you to pet him and then try to bite you (neurotic kitty).

Cara had two kitties. I only saw one (named Chakra). It was the scraggiest kitty I had ever seen, and it ran away from me.

I miss Asha.


SergtPeppa said...

Wow, sounds like you had an awesome holiday! I'm definitely reading a book ("Dreamcatcher" by Stephen King) about people who go hunting and have to wear bright orange vests so that they don't get shot (but they all get killed by aliens, soooooo...). Funny that you're in Houston - I just talked to a friend from Houston online yesterday...

Lori said...

hey nick, roxy was looking to reach you earlier, (like a couple of weeks ago), I got the voicemail on my cell when I got to houston. I hope she got ahold of you!

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