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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Romy and Michelle

I just found out I have a high school reunion in Berkeley on the 23rd at a pub. That gives me two weeks to lose weight and become stylish and accomplished. That is what I'm supposed to do right?

I also just found the website of a band (punchclock) from the evites. It has three of my old high school classmates (all the males in the band) in it. Weirdly, they look the same, just scruffy and band-like. The have mp3s on the site. I only listened to one of em, "miramonte" (the name of our high school), and.... uh... well, it left a bit to be desired. But their band is young yet, maybe it'll get better, write better lyrics.

It's also really really weird just reading through the names/replies on the evite. People I haven't thought about for years! High School memories resurfacing is quite odd. Ooh, I wonder if Kenny Dorsey will come to the reunion. He's sort of our class star of the moment. I've gone all the way through elementary school with him. We've been in band where he did gross stuff with the spit from his trumpet. Now he's on the 49'ers after a great college football career.

ooh weirdness and nostalgia rolled into one giant eggroll. gotta run off to meet my grandma for lunch.


SergtPeppa said...

Oh my weird. I am fully not going to any of my high school reunions unless my totally HOT girlfriend (the non-existent one) drags me there. Keep posted though, I'm very curious.

Jacqueline said...

I recently had a mini-renuion with some people I was chummy with in British Columbia where I went to school. I hadn't seen them in 20 years - literally.

You know what I discovered?

We all got fat and forty.

But everyone was still pretty cool.

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