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Friday, December 10, 2004

yay weekends

Imagine a cute picture of asha investigating my shower. She hopped in there after I took a shower this morning. You all would have seen a cute photo, but my camera batteries needed to be recharged. lame.

I've decided I'm not casting on any more items until i finish the ones I have going. I have to get these gifties done!

I did cast on a grey Irish Hiking Scarf for my favorite Uncle. He and my favorite Aunt live up in Seattle and could actually use some knit items. Apparently they sent me a large xmas present, but my parents forgot to bring it down to the penninsula when they came yesterday. So it's sitting under my parent's tree and not mine ;(

I also will be doing a scarf for my auntie up there, as soon as I figure out what scarf to do, and of course as soon as I finish my 1897329874230 other WIPs.

I made some stitch markers today!!

These are made with vintage japanese glass beads.

These are made with some pretty teal glass beads

These are made with semi-precious snowflake obsidian stone and silver beads.

Have you all seen this Google Beta where it offers suggestions as you type in the search? It's like a history bar that comes up, but it is not just yours. And it lists how many results you'll have from each search term.


illanna said...

Your stitch markers are SO pretty! I love the beads you found!!!

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