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Monday, December 06, 2004

diy day

andScarf, originally uploaded by lwu81.

The Weekend
I really enjoyed my weekend, although for some reason I was very tired throughout most of it.

Saturday morning ervy and I went out to the craft faire at Stanford. It's always fun to look at what such talented people are making. I also got to see two spinning wheels in person and see someone spinning on one of them. The first was an Ashford Joy I think. It was tiny and had it's own case. The woman was spinning mohair, and had been surrounded by this one persistent family who kept asking her questions like, "what is that?" while pointing at the clothing of passerbys, expecting her to immediately discern at a distance the fiber content of a coat. The other wheel at the faire was a handmade wheel based on the design of antique spinning wheels. I spoke with an artisan who was weaving on her loom about how she got involved in spinning and weaving. I ended up referring to the vendors at the fair as "crafty people" (people who make crafts) in the context of "I've always found crafty people to be very welcoming and nice." Then I bit my tongue. Do vendors such as these take offense at being called "crafty people" or would they prefer 'artisan' or 'artist' or 'craftsman.' Nowadays, the term 'craftsperson' seems to be held in less esteem than 'artist.' Am I crazy? Do people care, or am I just hung up on stupid semantics?

Saturday we celebrated Adam's bday and had tasty tasty ribs... mmm... ribs!

Sunday, I spent all morning re-organizing the second bedroom. I am sooo happy about the room. it's quite pleasant to be in now, and asha is quite enamored with it. She has permanently taken over the second futon that my parents gave us.

I finished my other irish hiking arm warmer on Saturday, and I've been wearing them happily ever since. Yay for warm wrists.

I think my next pair of armwarmers will actually be ARM warmers. I'm going to make them long enough to wrap around my upper arms so that I can still manage to wear tshirts without a jacket.

I don't have to go into work until 5pm tonight, so I've had alot of today to enjoy my new workspace.

I finished off a pair of handmade needles with beady goodness! I've had these beads for a couple of years, thinking I would pair them with one of the ming dynasty pottery shard pendants I have, but since that never got off the ground (big surprise, eh?) I thought they would look lovely on my new needles.

knitty put up it's new issue. I particulary am amused by Pasha the penguin which apparently should be knitted for linux lovers :) and womb.

Being a tea lover. I'm also quite happy that they've included a cute teapot cozy pattern

for my diy day today, I also sewed up a long fleece scarf (see pic with curled asha) with white mitten pockets.


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