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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I wish I had one of these

a talking parrot i mean
Remember Paulie the movie about this?

now does this parrot really talk, or was he just trained very very well and can fool enough people? how are we to know if he is actually cognitively recognizing a stimulus and reacting innovatively as opposed to being very well conditioned? perhaps fMRI scans are in order :) not that we know enough about parrot brains to infer which area is the 'free thinking' area if there is such an area (i guess like the frontal lobe in humans?) and not like he'd be able to keep that still in the fMRI machine (plus the noise'd probably freak the hell out of him).

I guess it would be interesting to see if he could teach others. I propose they find this parrot a mate immediately, and see if his children will learn to speak from him as well. dibs on a baby!


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