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Monday, January 26, 2004

sore neck and too much work

why is it that this quarter seems like more work than i can wrap my head around? I think I'm taking fewer classes, and the classes themselves aren't as challenging (in terms of requirements) so am I just lazier? did I take winter break and extend it too much into winter quarter?

some how i slept funny and my neck is killing me every time i lean forward or backward too much.

my scouring of classified ads hasn't turned up a job for me yet. Am i being to snobby about what I do for work for a little extra cash. I thought about retail somewhere i want to shop (major discounts!) but e said retail is miserable and discourages me at each suggestion of it.

since we have no income right now, it worries me when i want to buy a little happiness here and there (ok that's a little frightening, but i mean i hate feeling guilty when i want to buy a candy bar at the grocery store - mmm violet crumble!).

I've also been looking around for stuff I would like to sell. eyeing old textbooks to sell on amazon, old vacuums taking up space in the closet, etc. anything to make a few extra bucks, right? I think there is a fuzzy job fair tomorrow somewhere on campus...


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