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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Hot Topic

Hot Topic has a pretty good online website. all their models look very goth or punk (not that I'm surprised). I went w/ my parents into hot topic over vacation. Much to my bro and my own embarrassment, my dad walks in, stares at the store clerks and exclaims in shock and dissapproval something about how weird it is that everyone has all these body piercings.

e: don't go to the website, i don't want you to for gifty reasons right now. maybe in a month.

oh for all those who care, e's bday is coming up on the 20th.

blah. school has started again. e has a 9am class TTh, so I'm attending a class at 9:30am. I think it might require too much participation for that early in the morning. I felt absolutely brain dead in class.

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale started yesterday! I'm so excited, I've got to go there after school today to get some cute new stuffs. I want to order a swimsuit from the website too (it's cute AND on sale). yay cute underthings!

still need to find a job, got to stop by the photo lab to see if i can do a little something something there. oh money.


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