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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

why can't skeeter be cuddly?

Acid trip 1

e and i were jealous when we turned on animal planet the other night. there were these cute cute guinea pigs loving being held in their owners' arms. skeeter is speed lightning when we even walk near his cage. I gave him a stuffed penguin to have as a friend. he dragged mr. penguin down into his cardboard house. e suggested that they were doing the nasty.

classes argh... my schedule is flipping like a tiddly wink. i went to computer interfaces today w/ e and nickchan. Looks like alot of fun, I'm a little intimidated about the project. I feel like we have to do something amazing to actually make a valuable contribution to the world. that's so intense, but exciting at the same time.
I shopped Zimbardo's new class on human nature (cults, sex, and terrorism). honestly, the class looked ok. "the legendary zimbardo" (as noted on every one of his slides) has decreed that freshman oriented projects are required. For instance, one of the projects calls for organizing a terrorist cell in your dorm. other projects involve hightailing it out to SF to explore Scientology or a dinner date with The Moonies. I do think I will audit some of the lectures. They are having several good guest lecturers. They're bringing in a panelist of a long time prostitute, a professional dominatrix, and a male porn star. Another guest will be the sex columnist from the Guardian. The whole second hour with her will be spent answering all of the questions sent in by students (i think it's required to write a question).

I also shopped Human Abilities tonight. the class seems okay, not too difficult, but also not exciting enough to drag me from home at 6pm to 8pm twice a week.

I've also realized I've been extroadinarily chatty for the past several days (at least for me). I guess that's natural when you get back to school. everyone is always interested in the chit chat. Still talking to random people I sit near in my classes isn't normal for me, but it has felt a little natural lately. weird eh?


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