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Friday, January 30, 2004

where to go

I did some cleaning today. I figured I'm going to have to move out of the Stanford web space soon, so I backed things up, deleted almost everything I had there, and put up a new web front. It doesn't go to much. It links to another one of my pages and e's page. From my other page you can go to either of my blogs or my yahoo photo album which includes some self-portraits I tried making this morning.

I think so many of us seek approval. I stumbled upon the asiancuties community on lj. It's basically like are you hot or not where people put pictures up of themselves and others rate how attractive they are. In the case of asiancuties, you are rated on how 'cute' you are. Honestly, I felt and extreme pull to submit. Upon introspection, I think it's due to a feeling of disconnect I sometimes have being Asian American. That problem of 'feeling Asian enough.' I am not the typical cutsey Asian girl. Well I did submit, I don't think I'm going to get in (the votes were close at last count, but the no's were winning :) )

I went on campus for a job interview today. It's with the Stanford Library system to work on fixing up their online library tutorial system (soon to be required for all new students). I think they're looking for someone who has more time to spend this quarter (+10hrs) and who has more javascript experience. We'll see I guess.

our place is a mess right now, which makes it all the more difficult to concentrate on work. earlier this week i decided to drop my interpersonal abnormal psych class so i could have a lighter load. Hopefully I can buckle down and do well this quarter.


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