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Thursday, January 08, 2004


The Reporter - Man says he’s addicted to cable; wants to sue Cable company. Is he for real? it's the blame game. it can't possibly be my own fault for my own failures. Who can I point the finger at? oh yes, tv destroyed my life. give me more free media for compensation.

here's an amusing jab at Christianity yes yes, appeal to greed, that's the best of the 7, sure to win a youthful convert.

did i mention the VS semi-annual sale was fabulous? This was the first year I got to go to the sale early on, before all the good bras were picked away, and while a majority of the sizes were still organized into the correct bins. I also bought a new swim suit off the website for next summer (who can resist a good sale? not me, that's for sure)

Val has been raving about the candied walnuts I gifted to her for the holidays. Apparently, the famous C. Steele also had a tasty, but Val wouldn't give up more of her nuts. Since he's on a nut kick, maybe I should make him up a batch to gain more major advice time...

Lucky e and I had a big surprise when we opened the energy bill yesterday. Apparently our energy usage had a bizillion % jump, and costs went from $5 to $300 something! Apparently PG&E had made our little energy reader invalid, so all previous readings had been rejected (hence the charge of the minimal amount of energy possible before this), now they had fixed the problem, but the energy read was a read of all the energy since the meter had been inactivated (which might have been way before we got to our apartment). The company is fixing things, but it'll will take a couple months still. oh blah company! at least we don't have to pay anything while the bill is being readjusted.

e says harvard is better than stanford at everything, but he admits since he's never gone to school there, it could all be a bold-faced lie.

and finally, a cute play off of the ubiquitous ipod advertisements and current media hype


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