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Saturday, January 17, 2004

sick maybe?

I can't tell. At first it hit like an allergic reaction in emotions class. I just started sniffling and sneezing like crazy. Then the sinus headaches came, and I was gifted with a cough as though I had taken an expectorant. Am I sick? Am I allergic to something special? boo.

perhaps the practicing on yahoo poker (hold'em aka Celebrity Poker) helped my poker playing. Somehow e and I both managed to get more money than we came with to our poker game last night. Paul of course raked in as well. That means poor Adam woefully emptied his wallet and ended up giving a written I.O.U. to e for $9. His defeator: Frankenstein (an extremely high stakes game. at one point there was $32 in the pot). Actually, what worked for me was keeping track of my money, and not betting wildly on chances. e and I still are way down out of all our nights of poker/mahjong playing, but last night inched us up the pit.

Monk was also recorded on Paulie and Adam's TiVo. I to watch it. It's new! We didn't get a chance to because of poker. There was fun S'Mores making though in their fire place. Paulie was particularly impressed by his fire in the fireplace having never experienced a fireplace in Hawaii.

we're celebrating e's bday tonight because our friends don't NEED get MLK off, although Stanford gave us the day off.

gotta read. gotta sleep. went to bed at 6am woke up at 10:30am. Damn internal clocks. hopefully i will take a nap midafternoon.

Look I got new comments! HaloScan graciously picked up the blogSpeak users so our old comments are saved as well! Yay haloscan.


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