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Thursday, January 15, 2004


i'll put a different comment engine thing up soon. blah. i've been trying to put a new ringtone on my phone (nokia 6200). I'm very disappointed in the quality of the ones I found so far. They all sound too synthesized. I don't even know how many polyphonic keys my phone is capable of playing at the same time, but i'd wager it's not too high. I really want to get a phone with true tones, but I'm not quite sure if they're out in the US yet, or if AT&T sells them.

Haven't been getting much reading done, although I did start playing yahoo poker to practice (e and i tend to lose too much money when we play for real). Unfortunately, when people aren't playing w/real money, the betting is so arbitrary. People make no sense when they keep raising and raising until the pot is at $70 before seeing the river (in hold'em). lame asses.

I have an interview tomorrow morning for a campus job. I hope it's not too involved, I just need the extra cash. We'll see.


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