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Monday, February 14, 2011

I heart you!

Happy Valentine's day readers! It's a soggy V-day here in Seattle, and I'll be happy to cuddle up with my sweetie... as soon as we're both done doing a bunch more work this evening, lol :)

In truth, Evan and I aren't big Valentine's day people. We fall in with the camp of people that want to show each other we love one another any time! Like a few weeks ago, I went to bed to find an adorably sweet card and box of my favorite chocolate covered salted caramels on my pillow. I did get Ev a book about zombie love.

I think of today, as another day. Another one of many (365 days in a year!) in which I remind myself to fully appreciate all the things in life that I love. I love making people smile, I love feeding people, I love finding the perfect gift for a friend, I love breathing deeply while sitting on a windy hill with the grass rustling all around me, I love sitting in a warm car, I love the sun, I love a good book, I love a good idea, I love sharing ideas and knowledge, I love coming up with solutions to problems, I love cleaning, I love sappy movies, I love salty food, I love sweet food, I love how I feel after I run. Above all, I love my family (including my furry children) and friends, and how we all support and care for one another.

I also love color (YSWIDT? nice segue, right? Gotta get a bit of style back up in here somehow) - all the color that life has to offer (as evidenced here, here, here).

I'm especially loving the saturated rainbow colored stripes that have been appearing (think Marc Jacobs and Prada, FTW!). So I pulled together a few colorful rainbow-filled clothing and accessories that I currently heart.


Cindi said...

Awww your Ev is soo sweet. Chris does the same thing. He'll give me cards spontaneously or give me little gifts for no good reason! That's way it should be!

vintageglam1234 said...

Ev sounds like the perfect partner. I think it's sweet to get pressies for no apparent reason. those little surprises like chocolates are wonderful!
Your internet slang cracks me up. I only know a few - OMG, IMo, BTW...LOL...he. I've never come across ISWIYDT until now.

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

I think the idea of viewing each day as an opportunity to show each other our love is a wonderful one!

And these rainbow striped picks are so fun. Y'know, I had this rainbow striped cardigan from Gapkids that I just recently decided to donate. It was a tough choice, and now I'm almost wishing I had kept it!

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