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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm Serious Business!

Tomorrow we leave with Budz to bring him out to the radiation center. It's going to be a six hour drive, and we'll be going through some snow and ice. I'm hoping everything goes smoothly, and Budz won't feel too cooped up in the car. It's really been hitting home that he's going to be gone for awhile. Evan and I keep pouncing on him with big hugs (and then our kitty Asha comes over and whines because she gets jealous when any other animal gets attention). :(
presenter tools

Friday I had the chance to talk about some of my new data. I wanted to look a bit more professional, but still have some character. So I put together this polyvore the night before as a destresser.

I think it ended up working! I am actually wearing my boots, which may seem silly because you can't see them, but because the weather has been so chilly in Seattle, I wanted to wear boots as an extra layer of warmth.

I got the Southern Season Blouse off ebay, knowing it might be too big for me... it is. But I still love it quite a lot. The embroidery on the sleeves and bottom is really interesting and lovely. And I really like the light woven texture of the fabric itself. I haven't decided whether to take it in, or whether I should see if anyone on EA would be interested in a trade for a smaller size. However, with a cardigan over the top, I can reign the extra shirty-ness in. But, I still get pretty embroidery peeking out the bottom.

I added a lace tank underneath the blouse for another extra layer of warmth. I'm all about layering for warmth. But I still FROZE at the bus stop while I got snowed on...

The blazer included also adds warmth, but professionalism for my talk. I kinda love it with the cardigan, because I almost feel like I'm wearing a three piece suit. The glasses just scream....
"I'm totez serrrriiooooouuuss biznessssss!"

j/k you guys. I didn't wear the glasses during my talk!

In other news, I bought my first punjabi suit! My friends are getting married next weekend in Portland, and their having a dance-off at their Sangeet the night before. They asked my bestie and me to be in one of the dances. FUN, right?

ok, but now I need to learn some choreography in this next week! It's a bhangra dance. I hope I'm not going to be the weak link in the dance group. Choreography (and dancing) are not my strengths.

And, Thursday the choreographer asked all the dancers to wear Indian clothing for the dance. But I didn't actually own any Indian clothing!!! And, the idea of trying to find an Indian outfit in short notice, especially one that I would likely have no other occasion to wear it to, was a bit worrisome.

Luckily I knew that I'd seen Indian clothing at Goodwill fairly often. I picked up three options including a 3-piece punjabi suit. It's a fairly simple one, but it actually fits me pretty well. I just might take up the tunic length to fall to my knees rather than past them.


vintageglam1234 said...

A Punjabi suit?? I hope we will get to see you in it Lori! And pictures of you dancing ...hehe. I used to visit the local indian shops for bangles, and embroidered beaded tops - they are so colourful.
I must say, you look so professional in your outfit and those glasses mean business. It's also nice to see you've added a few personal touches into your outfit like the necklace.

Katie said...

I haven't had to do a huge presentation in awhile, but I'll probably be defending my thesis proposal this semester, so I'll get to have some fun with it soon, too. I was the nutty girl who wore a suit to her quals defense. Yes, a suit. I was freaking out a little. ;)

I love that purple cardi. The shape is divine and looks great on you! Good luck with your puppy.

Jess said...

Best wishes and luck to Budz :) Love this outfit, the orangey-beads with the purples are great, very serious hehe. Have a blast with the dancing, it should be awesome!

Kay said...

Best wishes to Budz! You look very PRO-fessional! :) Sometimes I actually wear my glasses because I think it makes me look smarter even though I'm just as dumb with them on. Hey, whatever works, right?

Punjabi Suit? We need pics.

gck said...

Good luck to Budz and I hope you have a safe drive!

Indian wedding, what fun! If you're average Asian height/size, you're also average Indian height/size. I do own a salwar kameez, but usually my Indian friends dress me for things anyway. So if you know anyone... :) Their fabrics are so beautiful, it's like playing dress up! I hope you get pics of the wedding and you in your suit.

Inkmark said...

I love this outfit. You look so sharp and still very feminine in them and I seriously love the black frame glasses look even though you are just kidding :-) Good Luck to Budz tomorrow and drive safely.

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

Those glasses are amazing! And I too love the texture and embroidery on your blouse. Very, very pretty, and with the cardigan, you can't tell it's too large.

I hope everything with Budz is going well so far and that his time away from you passes by very quickly!

SRP said...

just make sure he is all full up on love when you drop him off. If it's any consolation, I always think my dogs will be lost without me and when I get back it's like we were never apart- after 10 minutes of hysterical jumping and kisses everyone gets back to business of just hanging out and playing in cool :)

Laura said...

I was wondering when Budz would have to leave for his treatment. Will you visit him a few times over the 6 weeks? When I leave on a trip for a few days or even a week, I always call home and my son holds the phone out and lets the cats hear my voice. And they listen to my voice. They will even rub their face against the receiver and purr when they hear me. I don't suppose the staff would let you call Budz every couple of days and reasure him with your voice. Do be careful on your trip! I love the Southern Season Blouse. Wasn't there a 2nd Blouse that looked almost exactly like it?

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