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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Languishing dress Reviews!

Okay, I've been holding onto these for awhile, waiting to have some time to post them, but I realize if I wait any longer many of these will be supremely no longer relevant. As it is, some of these have headed to sale already! So my reviews will be quick!

Sewing Circle Dress (Sale $79.95) sz 0

I'm not big into strapless, but I saw this Floreat dress on the sale rack, and I loved the grey with a more playful silhouette. The embroidery was quite lovely.
Unlike with other strapless numbers, I wasn't worried about the dress falling down due to the large panel of elastic at back (which actually made it hard to zip up). The dress had pockets and a lovely lining/petticoat. Unfortunately, the shape of the dress was just so blah on me. The waist of the dress was just way too high on me. The skirt was quite big and heavy and made me feel like a lump or garbage bag.

Let me demonstrate by showing you my sack er I mean rear:

A definite pass for me, but I know several other bloggers have looked cute in this. Maybe if it hit another cut I'd contemplate using this with a cardigan, but right now I can't see it taking up my closet space. See this dress on other bloggers here, here, here, here

Crossing the Stripes Dress
Eva Franco sz 0 ($120)
This dress went on sale this week! Y'all know about my love/hate relationship with Eva Franco clothes. The reviews of the material of this dress are pretty poor. People seem to think of it as 'dingy.' To me, it was as expected. The product photos made me think of dusty cotton hammocks and beach blankets. I actually like the off-white color with that skinny blue belt, it feels very vintage-y to me. I'm not the hugest fan of the assymmetrical hem though. And there's no pockets. :(

But, as many reviewers have noted, the main problem with this dress was in the top. It supremely emphasized my small bust, and from the side, there was definite bra peekage (uh-oh!). Maybe for the right price I'd get this, but I'd definitely have to tack it closed in front to prevent impromptu flashing of innocent passerbys.

See this dress on others here, here, here

Pom Flower Shift Dress sz 2 ($158) by Tabitha
I love the graphic power of this shift dress. The fabric is a bit stiffer to keep that gorgeous print from getting distorted on your body. It's 100% cotton and fully lined. However, I am biased against this dress, because I have a thing about wearing dresses that are too wide at the waist for me. The hips fit perfectly, but the waist had about two inches of room (for me to grow in - NOT). Despite the large waist, I look at these pictures, and I'm highly pleased with the graphic quality of the dress. For myself, I would probably wait till sale if the dress stuck around that long. I could see this with a chunky necklace and fitted cardi.

This dress has been reviewed by everyone. See others in this dress here, here, here, here, here, here

Take Action Dress sz 0 by Girls from Savoy ($168)
LOVE! I liked this dresses sister the Twinkle Twinkle dress, but the colors on this dress are much better suited to my skin tone. Plus, I automatically want to pair this with my cherry red pumps for instant vintage love. It feels soft and light. The elastic waist is comfy and adorned with two adorable yellow buttons. I think this dress would also look cute with a skinny belt. Very tempted to buy this now with the gc I got from my MIL for xmas...

This is another dress that everyone and their mothers (and sisters, and maybe even brothers) have tried on. See here, here, here, here, here, here, here

Sun Shade Dress sz 0 by Moulinette Souers ($158)
I've loved this dress ever since I saw it on the website. And now after trying it on, I still like it, but I'm less enthused. The description tells you the yellow stripes are raw-edged grosgrain ribbon, but it didn't really hit till I saw it in person. I wanted the stripes to be crisp and clean-lined. So the raw edges of grosgrain that folded and went in every which way when you look up close drive my OCD tendencies a bit too much up the wall. But from afar, this dress still does what I want. I love the big poofy skirt, the pockets, and the fitted bodice. I actually think a size 2 might fit me better in the bodice of this dress as it was a bit too snug around the top of my rib cage. I would buy this on sale, and then go find a beach to stroll along (ideally with some sun)!

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Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

I actually really love the Crossing the Stripes dress now that I see it! I never paid it any attention online, but maybe I'll watch it for a second cut. The diagonal striped pattern is so fun and unique. And I'm alway saying I need more stripes, right?

Thanks for these great reviews!

Kimmie said...

Thank you so much for these reviews! I've been waiting for a review on the Crossing the Stripes dress and you're the first one (I think?). I don't think I would have liked the dress if it were a true white. These dresses look great on you!

SRP said...

the polka dot dress looks really good on you- the colors especially! I love the post with you and budz when he's just waking up -those pictures really make me smile :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the dress reviews. I love the Take Action dress. So lovely!
Hope to see more reviews in the future...hopefully Anthro will have a great spring lineup

Cindi said...

Welcome back with the dress reviews! I miss your honest feedback reviews. :)

vintageglam1234 said...

Ok, i'm biased. I love the Take Action dress on you the most. It's so cute, and i think it suits your vibrant personality. I also think the sun shades dress is a winner. Thanks for these reviews Lori - i always enjoy reading them!

tm said...

I love my pom flower shift and would recommend it to anyone, but I think the take action dress looks the best on you out of the bunch.

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