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Thursday, February 03, 2011

We're back! Budz is doing better!

We're baaaaaaaaacccccck!!!

Budz went in for a check-up on Monday and the surgeon said, his surgical sites are healing nicely! He was finally able to take off his cone!! Even better news? We did a follow-up ultrasound of his lymph nodes and it appears their swelling has reduced - suggesting the cancer really didn't spread there! I was soooo happy!!!! And although there's some residual healing issues going on with Buddie, it's almost like we have our old pup back!

He will be undergoing follow-up radiation treatment. This will ensure that any cancerous cells left behind in the region (the cancer cells were fairly close to the margins of the excised tumors so they likely spread beyond the removed material). The unfortunate thing is that there are only two animal radiation treatment centers in Washington state!

What does this mean? Well, in about three weeks, we will be bringing him out to Washington State University (a six hour trek). We will have to leave him there for a MONTH while he gets around 20 small radiation treatment doses! It seems absolutely crazy to leave him out there, and we'll miss him terribly, but they have the best equipment to treat him, and tons of veterinary students to dote on him (or so my oncologist assures me).

So in the meantime, I'm enjoying having my doggy back. And he's enjoying life without a cone (he seems to sleep sooooo much better without it!).

Here he is trying on his new shirt my dad got him for Christmas (he couldn't try it on before with the cone). Qliance is the primary care medical group my dad and uncle founded

Rolling with Buddie OOTD
TBJ Jeans cream hoodie (thrifted $6)
Ann Taylor Loft Sketch striped boatneck top ($4 thrifted)
Target Xhilaration Salema Zipper Trim Flat Shoes - navy (nwt thrifted $5)
Forever21 Soar The Air Necklace ($5.80)
Forever21 Polka Dot Rosette Hairclip worn as a pin ($1.50)
Bright red Judy Blue Couture Jeans sz 3 (thrifted $8)

By the way, this is the first time I tried putting animated gif in a post. I used but I'm not liking how low quality the images come out with it. Those of you who use animated gifs in your posts, what do you use?


vintageglam1234 said...

Hey Lori, I'm so glad to hear that Budz is recovering steadily. And out of his cone! Poor little thing has been through so much these past weeks. I feel so sorry for him. I can't believe you have to go a month without seeing him..that's very sad. But at least you know he'll be in good hands and will be getting treatment for a full recovery. All the best xx
PS - love that moving image. I've never done one of those before.

LittleMissSeamstress said...

Lori, Thanks for the awesome news! I really brightened up my Friday morning! So glad Buddie is doing better and your devotion and love towards buddie just inspires me mucho!!

Have a great weekend and can't wait to hear another update about Buddie and your outfits!


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Welcome back, Lori, and I am thrilled to hear that your pup is doing better and recovering well. Pets are family and we try to do the best we can to do what is best for them - Budz is in great hands with you!

Tien said...

Aww, fingers crossed for him. A month is crazy, but you're right, they have the best equipment to treat him there. It will start slow but will fly by in no time.

Laura said...

The big smile on your face is obvious. Red is Budz color. How sweet the T shirt is from the vet hospital. It sounds like everything is positive except the separation. Will you be able to visit him on the weekends at least?

Kay said...

YAY BUDZ!!!!! So happy for you!!! :)

SRP said...

SOOO happy to hear this news. how on earth will you leave him for 3 weeks!! aagghh! But, all for the greater good- you both look so happy and relaxed- yay!

Gabby said...

AW..Puppy Face! Happy for you. Dogs are the sweetest. <3

gck said...

Yay for good news! Love the pictures :)

Anjali said...

Yay, I'm SO glad to hear the good news! It must seem disheartening that you'll have to send him so far away for so long, but hopefully it will prove for the best and he will be healthy as can be afterwards!

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