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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

black on black, rust on rust

This morning when I was waking up, I decided I wanted to wear the Echoing Canyon Necklace I picked up from Anthropologie. The simplicity of the wood beads is charming, but the large scale style really adds pizazz to an outfit.

And I'm all about pizazz.

Except I'm not.

In fact, today I realized I'm pretty boring. This morning I thought, what color shirt would go well with a rust-colored necklace... so many choices! ...and I came up with... a rust colored shirt.

Then I decided to pair my black skirt and black boots with black tights.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that vanilla is my favorite flavor of ice cream? Boo-yah! Living on the edge over he-yah!

Ok. I'll throw myself some adventure cred. I threw on a cocoon sweater. Boring people don't wear cocoon sweaters, right? I got this sweater at Loft's 50% off sale (+15% off for being a student/teacher). A couple days later, they went to 60% off sale prices, and I was sad. But I still love it. I love that it adds interesting volume, but doesn't make me look like a block o' fiber or a big square of sweater.

OOTD Specs
Eze Sur Mer Top sz S ($30)
Ann Taylor Loft Cocoon Sweater sz XS ($25)
Theory black pencil skirt sz 0 ($2.50 thrifted)
Black Sweater tights
Katherine Leather Engineer Boots ($50)
Anthopologie Echoing Canyon necklace ($10)


LilMissSeamstress said...

Hey Lori! I love that Cocoon sweater! so cute! It's nice to see you smiling and all back to yourself.(and blogging~)

Your blog rocks! one of my favorite!


Melissa said...

That sweater is fantastic and the necklace is super cute. I think those two pieces alone are enough to make this outfit a winner!

My suggestions for combining with rust are green and blue. I think either or both of those would look really nice!

Marianne said...

I think you look cozy and cute! I am digging that necklace, especially.

gck said...

I don't think it's boring! The necklace is a stand-out piece on its own. It doesn't necessarily need competition. I think your outfit is cute and unique!

Kimmie said...

I love your sweater! This isn't boring at all. Your top is a great backdrop for your necklace!

LC said...

I don't think a cocoon sweater would look good on me but you totally pull it off!

vintageglam1234 said...

hmmm..i love vanilla flavoured icecream as well!
Nice necklace Lori. I think a statement piece like that is best worn with simple combos so that that is doesn't compete for attention!

Kathleen said...

Sometimes an outfit that seems boring actually comes together really nicely! I have a black dress that always seems boring, but it ends up being a really classic look. I love how you showcased the funky necklace with more neutral pieces. Good work!

Lori said...

@all Thanks everyone! I'm glad y'all think it worked, and didn't think I was too weird for my color on color combos :D

@LilMissSeamstress aw, thanks!! :D

@Melissa good suggestions. I think I have a good teal shirt that would help make the necklace pop!

@LC I never would have thought a cocoon sweater would work on me either! I think they often have even more volume than this one, or hit lower on the body, adding more bulk by obscuring the waist. I pretty much tried this on due to the sole fact that it was on the sale rack and in my size :)

@vintageglammz ok, we will totally go out for vanilla ice cream sundaes if you ever head to Seattle!

Laura said...

I'm with Jen on the Vanilla Ice Cream and the simplicity of the Rust on Rust. I've never even heard of the term Cocoon sweater. I would have most likely called it a Bat sleeve sweater. You look so chipper and happy today. Lori is really back. And I hope Budz is doing well too.

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