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Friday, February 18, 2011

That 70's show

Hubby said when snapping my pics this morning "you look very 70's, but in a good way!"

With the return of flared pants, saturated colors, recent runway shows, the 70's have staged their comeback.

I think that for me to feel appropriately 70s in these photos, I needed to stand in some heated orange-yellow sunlight with aviators on my face and wind tousling my hair. Where's my staged wind?! Pffft!

From Marc Jacobs' Spring 2011 show and Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 show, images from

I actually think anytime I wear this cardigan it's a 70s throwback. Or perhaps it's my brown and tan color scheme here? The ruffles and pants themselves don't feel inherently 70s and the pin feels much more 50s-60s to me. My friend Jeanny didn't get the 70s vibe from this outfit tho, so maybe Ev is just trippin'.

Actually, looking at this outfit, I think there might be too much going on with the ruffle AND the bow on the pants. What do y'all think?

By the way, I do love how my polka-dotted sleeves extended beyond my cardigan sleeves. I don't always mind when cardigan sleeves aren't full length because, I really like having my cuffs peek out. I think this is especially nice if there's a nice contrast between the shirt and the cardi.

70s show OOTD
Gap navy polka-dot blouse sz S (thrifted $5)
Anthropologie Elevenses brown bow pants sz 2 (thrifted $6)
Petite Sophisticate beige cardigan sz S (thrifted $5)
Gold vintage leaf pin ($3)
Franco Sarto boots ($15 at Ross)

I hope y'all have a lovely President's Day Weekend. Buddie's radiation appt was rescheduled for next weekend, so I'll be staying home doing some data analyses for a presentation next week!


thatdamngreendress said...

them's some good thrifting! That blouse is awesome- I love the polka dots at the wrist. I often end up having to roll the sweater sleeves to get that effect!

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